Technical reports and papers produced as a result of GMI3S efforts

Technical reports, working papers, and published papers produced as a result of GMI3S efforts. Papers are listed in chronological order.

Data needs for securing Internet infrastructure

This document catalogs the datasets that we have identified that play a role (or should or could play a role) in improving the security posture of these underlying layers of Internet infrastructure. For each system that we survey, we summarize the known or potential vulnerabilities, and possible mitigations to these vulnerabilities. We discuss the role of data in each of these steps.

Considerations in Running Active Measurements on RouteViews Collectors

The goal of this tech report is to describe how SCAMPER can responsibly conduct data-plane measurements from RouteViews collectors through RouteViews peers, and implications for both collectors and peers. The ability to discover finer-grained (router-level) topology via the RV collector infrastructure offers both operational and research utility